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Book cover of From Manuscript to Published Book by Lieve Maas
Move from chaos to confidence

Dream of self-publishing your book but have no idea where to start? From Manuscript to Published Book is a straightforward guide for aspiring authors navigating the increasingly complex world of self-publishing.

5-star review

This Book is Your First Best Step!
This book is amazing! It has easy-to-complete instructions on how to transform a manuscript into a published book. The book contains realistic timelines, projected costs, and detailed action plans for self-publishing all coupled with important role play activities of naming, describing, and marketing to an imaginary set of readers. In one exciting afternoon, I had a roadmap to publication in my hand. Four months later, my manuscript is a published book! – Christopher W. Pell

In a workbook-style format, award-winning designer Lieve Maas serves up insights and tips gathered from her decades of experience in book design and self-publishing.

It’s time to ditch the overwhelm and kickstart your journey from writer to published author.

5-star review

One-stop shopping for self-publishing
“Lieve’s book is straightforward, easy to follow, and covers all the bases in the process of self-publication. It perfectly outlines the step-by-step procedure for presenting a beautiful and well-made book, simplifies the confusing details of “metadata” and “algorithms,” and walks the author through the process of publication so they can get on to writing their next book.” –Mike Cooper

Book Details

From Manuscript to Published Book. Seven Straightforward Steps to Self-Publishing
By Lieve Maas
Price: $19.95
Format: paperback
Pub. Date: March 16, 2022 (second edition)
ISBN: 979-8985522105
Publisher: Bright Light Graphics

5-star review

Step by step to Success
With vast experience, Lieve Maas has tapped into her knowledge and created a step-by-step guide for all of us hoping to self-publish – and sell – our precious books. The best two times in a self published author’s journey are: the day the box of books arrives and when the books are sold to eager readers. The gap between those two events is not easy. From Manuscript to Published Book: Seven Straightforward Steps to Self-Publishing is a knowledgeable partner at your side along the way. –Judy Shasek