Getting to the Soul of Your Business

by | Nov 4, 2019

Redesigning your current website? Developing your brand voice? Publishing a book? Launching a marketing campaign? Keep reading, friend. Maybe you’re a coach, a wellness worker or an author. Business cards have been ordered. You’ve created an Instagram account. There’s a cup full of brand new pens on the corner of your desk. Each morning you open your Mac, ready to do #allthethings. And then sit there. What should you write? Should you be calling someone? Will another inspirational meme on Facebook light a fire under your crowd’s hineys? You re-fresh your inbox every ten minutes, only to find 3 new email newsletters from other businesses that seemingly have their shit together. It’s called “being stuck.” You want to connect. You want to serve people. You want to stand out. But you have no idea how to make that all happen. It’s something I see over and over again with my clients. Most people are too close to their business… their baby… to see beyond its intricacies and dive deeper into the actual “brand.” Running a business without a clear idea of what your brand represents is like building a car and forgetting to put the engine inside. You just sit there, wondering why it isn’t going anywhere. Building a brand is a unique, mysterious and often confusing process. You see,  a brand is something you earn. It’s based on other people’s experiences with your services or products. They form a story inside their heads based on how you make them feel and the values they believe you have. They create it. They experience it. A brand is their perception of your company’s soul. While it’s partly out of your control to determine what others think, you can set-up a brand poised for success by gaining a clear understanding of what drives your business. What’s the core? What’s the why? What’s the grand vision? Without this awareness, it will be difficult to express your brand identity visually or know what will connect your business to its right crowd. I have a strong desire to make life easier for business owners. I understand how overwhelming it can be to build a brand and keep it in front of people. The world is a competitive place and standing out in it takes work. It’s why I created a new 35-day program called The Art of Creation. I wanted to give business owners insights into their unique story, as well as the ability to wrap their brains around the brand creation process.

“The Art of Creation offered me the structure I needed to develop my business plan. My brain works intuitively and nonlinear which is great for inspiration, but when it comes down to getting all these ideas structured I needed some help. The Art of Creation gave me exactly that.” Ingelise van Tijn, Founder of Heldenreis in Praktijk (Hero’s journey in practice)

I’m super proud of this program because it’s not just another wimpy e-book telling you what to do. Instead, it approaches brand development from seven different vantage points. You are forced to think deeply about yourself, your business, your crowd and your vision.

Lieve, I need some brand clarity. Let’s do this! (Click on the book image below)

The Art of Creation is an invaluable tool for building a brand identity. If you are taking on an overwhelming project such as building a website, diving into a book project, crafting a logo or creating a promotional video, The Art of Creation will be the anchor that restores focus when your work is tempted to drift.

  • You’ll dive deep into the creation process and learn about what drives your business, who you’re talking to and where you’re heading.
  • You’ll know who your ideal clients are, where they hang out and    how to inspire them to take action on what you offer.
  • You’ll have a clear idea about the visual aspects of your brand and how they are used to express the soul of your business.
  • You’ll walk away with a list of comprehensive, practical action steps for building your brand.
  • Workbooks, Skype calls and a heavy dose of inspiration are all part of the program. Together, we’ll formulate a plan for building your brand.
  • At the end of the five weeks you’ll have more clarity about doing good work in the world. You’ll know how to infuse your passion and unique talents into your business without losing chunks of your soul in the process.

That’s what building a brand is all about.

“One of the reasons why The Art of Creation worked for me is that as a participant you get set time frames in which you’re invited to finish the different sections. Each section lasts five days. These five days gave me enough time to freely think about the questions and enough time to write it all down in some logical order. A deadline helps…” Ingelise van Tijn, Founder of Heldenreis in Praktijk (Hero’s journey in practice)

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and not seeing results from your brand building actions, this program will help you immensely. Imagine drilling down to the core of why you do what you do and consciously building (or re-building) a brand that perfectly captures your essence and connects to the right crowd.

“I’m a retired Reading Specialist that had an idea! Something I developed at the end of my career. Given lots of time to ponder I decided this idea could be a benefit to many! I didn’t know where to begin and how much of my retired life I wanted to work. When The Art of Creation was presented to me, I thought, perfect! It will be like taking a inservice training. It turned out to be much more than a training! ~ Cheryl Brooks, Founder of Mr. Hip’s Reading Tips

Yes! I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and begin The Art of Creation. (Click on the book image below)

There are a few givens in life. Death. Taxes. Bad hair days. Sunrises and sunsets. Freedom to change the path you’re currently on. You get out of life what you put into it. The same is true for crafting a compelling brand. The Art of Creation is a worthwhile brand journey that works when you fully commit to the exercises and the process.

I can’t wait to help you create!