Bright Light Graphics

We Are Visual Storytellers


My name is Lieve Maas. I’m a designer. A storyteller. A self-publishing coach. And the kind of person who thrives on making life easier for others. Growing up in the Netherlands, I was constantly exposed to an intriguing world of galleries, art openings and powerful perspectives that inspired me to study Fine Arts at the Royal Art Academy and later at the University of Amsterdam. I fell in love with visual storytelling and the impact of thoughtful design in creating an emotional experience. Good art is unforgettable.

How do you want people to remember you?

It’s all about the story you tell. Bright Light Graphics is a visual storytelling studio that helps authors tell their story through design and illustration. The human brain favors information packaged as stories, and visuals are processed much faster than words. A cohesive design between your book and your brand forges a stronger connection with your crowd and elevates you in a world that is becoming increasingly picky.

I’d love to show you what’s possible with your book project.