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What we do really, really well

Bright Light Graphics guides writers through the process of self-publishing and brand identity. We’re visual storytellers with a keen eye for what connects writers to their right crowd. Check out our services and let us know how we can help you turn dreaming into doing.


  • Book Covers
  • Book Interiors
  • eBook Conversions
  • Illustrations


  • Self-Publishing Coaching
  • Book Project Management
  • Self-Publishing Resources


  • Author Brand Identity
  • Web Design Services
  • Book Marketing Materials


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"I highly recommend Lieve at Bright Light Graphics. She has proven to be an incredibly talented and insightful designer. She has a unique combination of skills from her intuition to her seasoned design sense, a sort of shaman artist that knows how to capture a client’s vision in visual beauty and tight efficient language." – Chris Hoffmann, author of Heart in Gear

"Lieve’s sophisticated and clean design with just a splash of retro perfectly married the photos and text of "Beauty is Experience: Dancing 50 and Beyond." Building a book with equal emphasis on text and photography is no easy balance, yet Lieve did it with finesse, graciousness and efficiency.“ – Emmaly Wiederholt, author of Beauty is Experience: Dancing 50 and Beyond
"Lieve at Bright Light Graphics listened to what I wanted to create, took my feedback during the review stage and patiently worked towards my heart's desire. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a flexible, creative and excellent designer for their projects." – Jane Wolfe, author of Improv Your Relationships
"Lieve managed to sort through my concerns, recognized how the changes I was making were difficult for me, and work me through to several incredible end products. I appreciate Lieve’s tenacity and unwavering confidence while still respecting my input. I would recommend Lieve without hesitation." – Christine Frazer, author of HR Step 1
"It was a pleasure working with Lieve of Bright Light Graphics. She is creative, exceptionally responsive and cared about the project. Even though it was a large and complicated project she never seemed phased by the size or scope.“ – Gregory Bartning, photographer of Beauty is Experience: Dancing 50 and Beyond
"After asking me questions about my work and listening deeply, Lieve totally ‘got’ me and my ideas, and translated those into eye catching book design. I recommend Lieve unreservedly for her brilliant design, for the quality of her work, for her patience and for her capacity to translate ideas into reality." – Aileen Gibb, author of Asking Great Questions

Feeling overwhelmed about
your brand?

We can help with that. Our free WEBSITE PLANNER is a good place to start. Get (and stay) organized, restore your focus and start building a brand that inspires your crowd.

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Self-publishing workshop

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