From Small Grocery Store to Community-Building Supermarket: A Family’s Entrepreneurial Journey

by | Sep 12, 2023

My Dutch grandparents were business-minded folks. In this old photo, you can see them in front of their store, probably from the late ’50s, though I’m not entirely sure about the date. They began with a small grocery store in Hillegom, a town in the Netherlands, and eventually turned it into the first supermarket there.

Allies, not rivals

Now, keep in mind, they weren’t the only store in town selling groceries. Here’s the interesting part: my Dad once shared that my Grandfather had a knack for connecting with his fellow store owners. Instead of thinking of them as rivals, he saw them as valuable allies. How did that work? Well, he understood that everyone was working really hard to run their businesses, and sometimes you just needed a break. So, these store owners came up with a plan to support each other. When one shopkeeper wanted to take a much-needed vacation with their family, the others would step in to take care of their customers. Then, when they returned, someone else could take a break. It was a way of looking out for each other.

Building community

This sense of having each other’s backs is what inspired my program, Career By Design. It’s not just about helping entrepreneurs create their brand stories; it’s also about understanding that in a place like Bend, where people often have to carve out their own path to make a living, there’s a need for community and support. My big dream is to help build a strong community of entrepreneurs here in Bend by bringing them together in supportive groups. I truly believe that my program can make a positive impact on this community, and I’m bursting with excitement and good vibes to get started. So, come join me, be part of this community, and let’s have a great time doing it!

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