Ai in Artistry: Bridging Creativity and Innovation

by | Dec 29, 2023

For a while, I resisted diving into AI-generated imagery. Why? Well, being a visual artist, I stuck to the idea that AI might be the easy way out. But let me tell you, that’s not the case at all! It does save time on the computer, skipping lengthy Photoshop hours, but creating with AI isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

The trick? Having a crystal-clear image in your head. That’s crucial. Equally important is giving precise instructions. Using detailed prompts is key to guiding the AI towards your vision. Lately, I’ve been checking out Adobe Firefly and Adobe Express, and they’ve been quite enjoyable.

What’s great about these AI image generators is that everything you create is usable. And no worries about copyright! They use materials that are all free of copyright, which is a huge relief.

I’m dedicated to continuing my experimentation with AI image generators. It’s not just for fun; it’s also about realizing the incredible potential AI offers. As a graphic designer, being ahead of the game is essential, and I’m all in for that. AI presents vast opportunities, and I’m excited to explore them further.